Friday, October 31, 2008

DC-3 and Golden Gate arrival

While walking on a path along the cliffs of San Francisco's Presidio, we first saw the DC-3 flying overhead followed by the Zeppelin fly over the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco's fire boat was even there to help celebrate the moment by spraying the full fan of hoses while the Zeppelin flew over.
Daniel Thorp

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SF Sightings coming!

Hello readers
I have about 30+ sightings to upload and will get to them shortly, definitely before we're flying again at the end of the week (weather permitting)

Alex Hall

[Update. I uploaded them all, and as they all pre date this post, they are BELOW here!]

I-10 sighting

Greetings and salutaions,
I want to commend you in your venture!! I am very excited!! I have been an airship fan all my life...even as a small girl, when I saw the footage of such marvels and I even have saved the footage of the report of the Hindenburg disaster. I have always thought that that incident should never have quelled the quest to make these creatures the rulers of the skies. I live in Brenda AZ now...and this past thursday, I saw your airship passing by as it flew over I-10 and was very excited by it as I just knew, even at that distance, that I was seeing something different. There was no peculiar sound like that of the blimps. I took one photo of it but at the 3 mile distance, it showed up fairly small...tho, I can assure you that I will always treasure that photo, taken as I witnessed that historical moment in my life. Thank you for this momentous occasion on an otherwise doldrum day, and I wish you all the best in your new adveture as you lead the way for the rest of the world!! Bon Voyage!! Barbara Jo Bryant-Pederson


A volumuous beauty. It seemed quicker than a blimp and might have been given the larger size but similar scale movement. Immediately noticed the fins at the back and searched for news at the Aeros site and Ohio Airships. (As an engineer and former private pilot, I hopeful of the prospects for zepplins to carry freight and their potential as "green" transportation if you can get around the weather issues).
Gerald Wong

Monday, October 27, 2008

Twin Peaks

I took this picture from the Twin Peaks, across San Francisco. Airship was floating over the Bay Bridge. Isn't it cute?

pilot lesson

Saw your airship at Marana AZ airport. Flew over your airship at the Marana Airport during my pilot lesson in a Cessna 172. Very fun

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fort Mason

From Fort Mason

Crissy Field

I saw it from a point between Crissy field and Ft Point. I expected your airship to be a bit late but it arrived on time and I was still snapping pictures around the area when the airship appeared!
Tony Lee


I know you probably aren't posting anymore sighting photos, but I thought this one was interesting. The US Coast Guard was conduction signal flare training on Yerba Buena Island when the Zeppelin passed overhead.
Chris Humphrey

Baker Beach

While at Baker Beach, the airship cruised overhead late in the afternoon and continued over the Golden Gate Bridge. I happened to have my camera so I took this photograph.
Jay Grenfell

I saw you coming over the SF Marina

Saturday, October 25, 2008

On time

And once more the weather was picture perfect to complete the transfer flight. On time like a Japanese Shinkansen train did the Zeppelin cross the Golden Gate (and I later read on the blog that you were hiding around the corner, hah, you were cheating). A couple of fans were waiting there to take photographs. Then I got back on the road to go to Moffett Field. I was glad they let me in with my foreign ID so that I could witness the arrival of the Zeppelin at its new home base. Many people were there to watch the historic moment. Congratulations to the whole team, you did a great job!

Up ship! Christian.

Coit Tower

I saw the ship from an area around Koit Tower when it was flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. It's huge!


After my son's ice skating lesson we raced from downtown to the beach at Hyde St. Pier. We arrived in time to see the airship do a graceful pirouette and then cruise past.
Joshua Bell

South of Half Moon Bay

Highway 1 North. South of Half Moon Bay. What a sight with the Pacific Ocean in the background!
Louis Bamberger

Golden Gate

At the center of the Golden Gate Bridge.
We walked out to watch the passing. Congrats to all the folks at the company!

Over our House!

We tracked it on the website and it was "over our house" so we went out and there it was...Awesome!!!!!-

Childhood Memory

I saw it this morning flying over the Pacific Ocean in my neighborhood of Half Moon Bay,CA. It was about 11 a.m. It was so exciting, almost unreal. I remember going to the \"Blimp House\" when I was very young. My Dad was in the Navy and stationed at Moffitt Field. This brought back a long-ago childhood memory
Ellen Rolleri

Golden Gate Entrance

When I saw "Zeppelin Rides" announced on the Hiller Marquee at the 101 last Friday, I thought "Can it be? They must mean a Blimp. No, they know better!". And so I was awaiting your arrival and tracked your journey from Texas. Today I witnessed your entrance through the Golden Gate, it was majestic!-
Christian Wolff


The airship's been circling our house near Pacifica for the last thirty minutes. Nice to know that a tour of San Francisco includes Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro Tower, Financial District .. and my house. Maybe I should think about putting some trunks on the next time I sunbathe in my back yard ;-)

cool experience

Was on my way to work and had just gotten on the west bound Interstate 10 in Redlands, CA. Once I rounded the bend at the 10/210 interchange, when I noticed a something lifting off from the old Norton Air Force base in San Bernardino. I had seen smaller blimps taking off from there in the past, but knew at first sight that this was different. I had visited the Airship Ventures site in the past and immediately thought it must be yours. The zepplin followed my freeway route along the 10 and then it turned and followed me when I transitioned to the 215 south.

It was a very cool experience. Now I am just hoping for an extra wind-fall so I can come up for a ride!!!

Thanks for bringing this unique form of travel back to us

White Bird

Oh my word she is beautiful! She lifted off like a beautiful white bird at 9:25 A.M. from Salinas Municipal airport and headed for the Bay Area.
Lynn Foley

Friday, October 24, 2008


What a great day. After finishing work I drove down to Salinas from San Jose to watch the Zeppelin's arrival. A nice little crowd was already waiting there when I arrived 30 minutes before the airship. Only a few minutes later could we see them approaching over the hills in front of a nice sunset scenery. Everybody was cheering when the Zeppelin finally touched down. But that wasn't it yet, as the mast truck was not there. So it seemed that a local TV team got the treat of a short evening flight.

I am looking forward to see the airship tomorrow coming into its new home base. I have witnessed the second flight in Germany and I hope that I am lucky tomorrow to see it for the first time flying above the Golden Gate.

Up ship,
Christian (Sindelfingen, Germany)

Wow, what's that?

im a boater and tend to look up a lot and WOW whats that? biggest thing ive ever seen in the sky what a hoot if i win the lotto ill rent it for my 65th good luck in your venture
nickie marx

Carmel Valley

Friday, October 24 about 6:10PM
Just saw the Airship pass thru Carmel Valley,CA. Beautiful sight! Just as the sun was setting. I got the name off the side and ran to the computer to see what it was and where it was headed. What a great idea!
Sorry I didn't take a picture though.
Sandy Rado

Santa Maria Valley

I was driving down hwy 246 from Solvag to Bulton when i first saw the ship i thought it was a blimp at first , the ship was heading north along Hwy 101. i caught up to it as it started into the Santa Maria vally and noticed it was quite differant then any blimp iv ever seen. i rolled up on the support trucks and got the web site,and as I supected it was a Zeppline. It looks great, I cant wait to get a ride. I new they had them in Germany but had no idea there was a derigabile in Califonia.
Gene Clark


Living in Oxnard, my grandson and i were doing our yardwork and observed this most beautiful air ship passing by.
Thanks for bringing it to the usa for all to enjoy!
Bruce Thompson

Owens T Shirt

Ok, this isn't an official sighting, and I certainly understand if you don't use it on the sighting page. Owen now points to his shirt when asked where the Zeppelin is. In a little bit we are going to get in the car and drive from Oakland to Salinas where we hope to be able to report a real sighting. You know, weather permitting and barring any changes in destination.
Chris Humphrey
[Ed. Chris has the rest of his pictures on flickr]

Over the Pacific Ocean

Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, I photographed the Zeppelin while out in my front yard in Goleta, California. It was flying north over the Pacific Ocean, up the coast. Fantastic view just out my front door! It had letters on the starboard side, but too far away to read it. The configuration of the airship immediately caught my eye, as it appeared larger than most other blimps(airships) I have previously observed
Robert Townsend

Santa Monica, CA

I just saw the ship from my office in Santa Monica, CA. Now I want a ride!

La Quinta, CA

Hi, Well it was kind of funny really. My wife called me while I was out on a job close to home, we live in La Quinta, CA. She said to go outside and look for a Zepplin. She had just seen it from our house and sure enough, there she came almost directly overhead. She had read about it coming through here, but it was the first I had heard about it. Very cool! I\'m sending pics and links to my Dad as he was on a blimp in the service.

Earlier this year

I've seen that wonderful airship in may in Friedrichshafen.
I'm hoping for much success in USA.
All the best for your mission.
God bless this flying baby - please be careful.

Uwe Jahn


Just flew right over the Boeing facility in Huntington Beach headed towards Long Beach
Heiko Jones

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beaumont, CA (not TX)

Beuatiful ship, Just flew by are home in Beaumont California. Hope to see it more often
Christian Clark

Very pretty

The Zeppelin just passed north of Palm Springs. Looked like it was fallowing I10 westbound. Very pretty. Sorry i couldn't get a picture. Beautiful airship!

What a great day

I had heard from my father-n-law that he had seen the air ship fly over and said that it was heading NW from his house. So after work I went by the Marana Airport and found my wife with her dad looking thru the fence. So I took this picture and will print it and pass it on to him. I hope to see it in flight someday. The picture was taken about 45min before sunset. What a great day!

Leo Rhein


moored @ Marana Regional Airport
John Cramer

Truly awesome

10/23/08 about 9:55 am.
I was southbound on Interstate 10 about five miles south of Casa Grande Az when I spotted the airship. She was northbound and moving at slow speed (it was quite windy). I've seen the smaller airships used locally for advertising and sporting events, but none comapare to the Ventures! What a truly aewsome and magnificent sight! Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me.
Scott Myers

Rancho Mirage

Passing over Rancho Mirage, CA 10/23/08. Wish it would have stopped at KTRM!
Gary Granger


My wife and I went down to Thermal to watch y'all dock but sadly windy weather nixed the landing. As we were leaving the airport she said, "Hey, there it is!" and sure enough there was the airship happily flying over the Coachella Valley. We followed as it flew over I-10 all the way back to our home in Palm Springs. What a wonderful day, thank you for the smiles!
Michelle Moran

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Never leave your photo spot!

A friend of mine pointed me to the website, so I drove out east of Tucson and met the ship as it passed I-10 and Houghton Road. I headed back into town and the ship passed directly over me at 22nd St. and Country Club Rd. Then I proceeded up I-10 and got some more photos just before the ship headed for Avra Valley Airport. Unfortunately I thought it would keep going towards Picacho so I missed the first landing. Then while I was waiting for the second landing which was delayed (?) I decided to get a snack and missed all but the last few seconds of the mooring. Rats! Lesson: never leave your photo spot!

It's good to see a Zep in American skies once again!

John Meyer

Wal Mart and Dairy Queen.

I'm a long-time fan of aviation in general and airships in particular. I was just fortunate enough around 9:00 this morning (10-21-08) as I was leaving our Deming, New Mexico Wal-Mart to look up and see your ship taking off from our local airport. It climbed quickly, headed right over me going due west, then turned a bit north as if it were lining up on I-10 heading to Tucson/Phoenix/L.A. It was a beautiful gold ship and seemed to be moving at a good clip. I told a group of seniors about it later at our local Dairy Queen, and most of us were wanting to buy a ride on your lovely ship! Hope you come back to Deming again soon! I'm sorry I didn't have my camera with me at the time. Good luck with your "venture"!
Marion Kleber

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back hurting moment

Captured over the MAIN GATE GARAGE - Tucson Arizona
888 N. Euclid Ave
Tucson, AZ

1405 hrs Oct 22 2008

We have been watching for 2 days waiting for the arrival of the Airship and I even had friends (once we saw the course change) begin driving down I10 in Arizona to get pictures. I have not seen those yet however the Ariship passed directly over the University of Arizona where I work and I was able to get some pictures from the top of the parking garage.

My back is going to hurt tomorrow since I was running to the garage and I have a torn disc, but it was more then worth it.

Thank you for coming over our city so we could see this, I explained to my children that this is very near a once in a lifetime chance as I am now nearing 40 and have never seen an Airship this close to me.

Enjoy and 73

Dirk Harris

[Ed: Dirk, take care of yourself! Thanks for the sighting]

Boneyard Contact

I work in Davis Monthan control tower. I not only saw but I talked to...the British female pilot. Nice people.


[Ed: Hey, they flew over the David Monthan AFB which happens to be home to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration group, a.k.a The Boneyard! I hope Brian got some pics]

Rita Road

Just saw the massive ship float by Rita Road in Tucson AZ.

Looks like fun!


Ft Stockton Sighting

I saw your airship yesterday morning, October 20, 2008 In Fort Stockton, Texas. It was around 10 AM or so and all of a sudden I see this huge white airship heading west alongside I-10.

It was pretty neat

Bill Torres

Monday, October 20, 2008

Passing El Paso

It was outside my building (Wells Fargo Tower) in downtown El Paso today at approx. 2pm (mst). I took pictures with my cell phone from my office on the 17th floor.
Ruby Jean

Dang. Missed a WW1 Fokker Triplane opportunity.

We were having our volunteer day at Kingsbury, Texas, working on WWI fighter planes. Had we had some warning we would have intercepted your Zep with a WWI Fokker Triplane! It was an awesome treat to see it fly over our grass airfield, it was like going back through time. A shame it could not fly over our air fair on Nov 8 as our vintage aircraft will be flying. A wonderful treat. Some pics were taken, will contact the photographers

Al Sumrall

[Ed: These must be the guys at the Pioneer Flight Museum]

Nearly hit the Flag Pole

El Paso Texas US Mexican Border
Could have hit the Mexican Flag Pole!
Beautiful Site.. Passed right above me!

for more photos go to

Watching for several days...

I've been watching for the Zeppelin to pass over El Paso for several days. Today it came into view from the southeast and passed out of sight to the northwest. How exciting to know this is one of only three in the entire world!
Crystal Morton

Two countries

At 2:15 pm MDT the Zepplin traveled through the international I-10 corridor. In the second picture the craft was litterally flying over three states and two countries, Texas,New Mexico and Chihuahua,United States and Mexico. What a beautiful craft!

Ben de la Vega

Very thrilling! (El Paso)

What a sight to see!! Very thrilling!! Iam in El Paso, Tx. Corner of Loop 375 and Socorro. Cloudy, calm winds sight time 1:50 pm. Going North northeast
Virginia Cline