Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saw her coming over the Ocean

We saw the ship coming over the ocean above San Simeon, California. I had positioned myself on the boardwalk in nearby Cambria. Then it turned inland (to fly over Hearst Castle). I jumped in the car and headed down the highway. It was really moving and was almost overhead when I got a clear view.

Very fun. Photo was taken on south end of Cambria just off Highway 1.

-- Roland Portillo

Saw you in Cambia; beautiful!

I live in Calabasas, Ca., but was in Cambria yesterday. I read in the local paper that you were on your way to Brown Field for a distance record. Sure enough, about a little before ten there you were! Between the hills and the fog, what a beautiful sight! And me, with no camera. Next time!

-- Kevin Sammann

From Farmers

I received a call from one of our insured's about the sighting, and looked out our office window. What wonderful advertising for us.

-- Rita Torres, Farmers Insurance

Nipoma Mesa

Shot from Highway 1 in Nipomo, California facing Northeast at the Nipomo Mesa.

-- Matty D

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Above Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

I saw the ship make a course change over San Simeon, while in Cambria. I was expecting her. We almost missed her in Cambria as she followed HWY 1 but saw her appear above the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. What a beautiful sight. Made my day!

-- Mark Brunschwiler

From our Backyard in Nipomo

My two young daughters and I were able to view it from our backyard in Nipomo, CA heading toward Santa Maria.

It was very exciting to watch the attempt at breaking a record!

-- Darcy Ryan

SAIC Near La Jolla

Here's the White Zeppelin flying near La Jolla.

(a) Torrey Pines / UC San Diego

(b) Scripps Hospital and SAIC

[ Pictures taken from the roof of SAIC ]

-- Bob Schreiner

Over the Hills from Cambria to Cayucos

We tracked your progress on the internet and were watching for you to come over the hills from Cambria to Cayucos. Much to our surprise you were right overhead before we knew it. There was a bit of thin low fog that hid you from sight. We took this picture from a highway 1 pull out between Morro Bay and Cayucos.

-- Mike Harper


From Moonstone Beach in Cambria we spotted it first coming down the coast near the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. We watched it get near the Hearst Castle Warehouse, and last we watched it fly over Cambria.

Very fun!

-- Evaan Portillo

Seen from the COASTER Train

Just saw it from the COASTER train off the Del Mar bluffs. Told everyone so the train was leaning to the west as we traveled north!!! 04:20 PM

-- Jim Carr

South San Clemente

This is in South San Clemente, just south of the pier at 3:45 PM Tue. May 26, 2010

-- Russ Lind

So quiet, I had to use your tracking system!

I usually hear "blimps" coming as they pass over my rancho at the gateway to Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo, many times during the year. This is a super quiet airship and had to use your tracking system.

-- Steve Slaughter

Zipping Past My Office at CSU Channel Islands

Saw her for about a minute from my office at CSU Channel Islands as she went zipping down the coast really fast!

-- Cathy Strauch

Malibu above Point Dume

Right over my house in Malibu in the hills above Point Dume! Beautiful airship. Wish I had known you were coming!

-- Heather S Higgins

Over Arroyo Grande High School

I work for the school district and had been following the progress all morning. We caught a glimpse before it left the airspace over Arroyo Grande High School.

-- Chris Ryan

Missed her in Redondo Beach

I waited all day in Redondo Beach but the ship went inland. :(

The best glimps I got was about 40 mi away.

I always read "" and of course ALWAYS LA TIMES. That's how I found out about it.

-- Jane Schwartz

CSU Channel Islands

Around 2:06 PM the Airship passed through our campus at CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo, CA.

-- Miss G.

From my Front Yard

Tracked the flight on the map on internet and waited out in my front yard for Eureka. Finally it passed by about 12:50 p.m. I took the photo from my front yard. Fantastic airship!!! And a beautiful sight from just out my front door.

-- Bob Townsend

Manse on Marsh

It flew right over the Manse on Marsh, some of the residents enjoyed it very much.

-- Tim Bolle

Vandenberg AFB

We saw her over Vandenberg Telemetry Receiving Site (VTRS), Vandenberg Air Force Base.

-- Bill

Monday, May 10, 2010

South Along 101

Saw the blimp over Orcutt Y area heading south along highway 101.

-- S. Powers

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seen over Hollywood

Alan Duke sends us this great photo of Eureka over LA this afternoon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Watching the airship fly overhead never gets old

It's good to see the Eureka again.

I caught the Eureka soaring over San Francisco on Sunday. Watching the airship fly overhead never gets old.

-- Carlos Ortiz