Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Never leave your photo spot!

A friend of mine pointed me to the website, so I drove out east of Tucson and met the ship as it passed I-10 and Houghton Road. I headed back into town and the ship passed directly over me at 22nd St. and Country Club Rd. Then I proceeded up I-10 and got some more photos just before the ship headed for Avra Valley Airport. Unfortunately I thought it would keep going towards Picacho so I missed the first landing. Then while I was waiting for the second landing which was delayed (?) I decided to get a snack and missed all but the last few seconds of the mooring. Rats! Lesson: never leave your photo spot!

It's good to see a Zep in American skies once again!

John Meyer

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matthew said...

beautiful photos! can't wait to see it here in bay area