Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hawthorn Woods, IL

I was surprised to see this giant blimp on a beautiful day over Hawthorn Woods, IL on my way home today. Turns out it's actually a zeppelin crisscrossing Chicago.

-- C. Cantano

Over Farmers Grand Rapids

Flying over our Farmers Insurance Grand Rapids MI office.

-- Shane henry

South of Holland on Lake Michigan

I live 15 miles south of Holland on Lake Michigan. I was working in the yard when I heard the ship approaching from the North. This was a first for me to see a air ship over the lake. Thursday June 30th, 1:15PM

-- Mike Goloback

Out My Office Window

Looked out my office window and couldn't believe what I saw....

-- Marie Kugle

Awesome Experience

Muskegon, Michigan at the Muskegon Airport.

Not only did we get to see it fly in, we got to ride in it !! What an awesome experience we had.

-- Julie Galey

Welcome Back Any Time

On it's visit to Muskegon, MI. We were honored by the presence of the airship. We hope you had a great stop and welcome back anytime. We have had many calls to the office today from people who saw it and wanted us to know that they visit was appreciated as one of the most exciting things they had ever seen!

-- Thomas Welch

Over Veits Landing on Spring Lake

The airship flies over Veits Landing on Spring Lake in Ferrysburg, Mich. It was flying out of the Muskegon County Airport south along the Lake Michigan shoreline to Grand Haven, circling around Spring Lake and Ferrysburg before heading back up north.

-- Becky Vargo

Flyover of Farmers Grand Rapids

A few photos of the airship from its flyover of the Farmers Grand Rapids location. Impressive!

-- Darlene Malone

Over Lake Michigan

6-29-11 Farmers Airship out over Lake Michigan. Muskegon Michigan

-- Ken Firlik

6-29-11 Farmers Airship tree top tall at the Muskegon Airport, Muskegon Michigan.

-- Ken Firlik

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wanting Airship Badly

My 6 1/2 year old could not believe what he was seeing at the Muskegon County Airport in Muskegon, Michigan. When I picked him up at 4pm on a Wednesday, I said I had a surprise for him and we were going to the airport to watch it.

For the 10 minute car ride, he wanted me to tell him what it was that was so exciting. I made him try to guess and the only three clues were 1) he hasn't seen one before in person, 2) it will be landing at the airport and 3) even dad (me) had not seen one land before. First guess... a rocket! Well, not quite but about as exciting! He never did guess correctly but tried and tried.

When the airship came in for a passenger exchange, I thought for sure Andrew was going to do a back flip and then climb the fence to go and see it. For the brief time it was on the ground, he just couldn't believe what he was seeing. One thousand questions later... well, not one thousand but close, he had exhausted my knowledge on rigid airships and wanted me to look up more on my phone while we watched it fly away.

Clearly memories that will stay with both of us for a lifetime. Thank you Farmers' and Airship Ventures!

-- Blaine T

Culvers in Grand Haven

My family and I were pulling out of Culver's in Grand Haven,MI and saw the airship heading towards Lake Michigan.

-- Megan Sherwood

Muskegon Airport

This pic was taken at the Muskegon Airport, Muskegon Michigan. 6-29-2011. The airship was also in Grand Rapids Michigan

-- Ken Firlik

Birds, Butterflies and Zeppelins!

I was in my backyard with my dog, and my camera, as I like to take pictures of my flowers and birds and butterflies and bugs, etc. I heard what I thought was a helicopter, and I looked up and said out loud, "Whoa!" Then I started taking pictures of the Farmers Blimp! It was awesome, going right over our house and neighborhood!

-- Tamela Cunningham


Sighting at KM1/KM2 of the Caledonia, MI Campus of Farmers Insurance.

-- Tim Roberts

Monday, June 27, 2011

Willow Run Airport

While going outside to work in a friend's yard, I spotted the Eureka flying over by Willow Run Airport. So I grabbed my camera and went wild. What a fantastic sight to behold a Zeppelin in person in the 21st Century. The only thing better would have to been on board for a ride.

-- Ron Wilbanks

Ypsilanti, MI

Seen coming out of the East gleaming in the sun in Ypsilanti MI.

-- John Sherwood

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ann Arbor, MI

Out jogging on a beautiful Sunday in Ann Arbor, MI. I turn a corner and look-up to see the Eureka/Farmer's Insurance airship. Wonder if they stopped at the Ann Arbor airport (which is where other airships have stopped).

Always fun and a bit exciting to see!

-- SJ Bermann

Willow Run Airport

I saw the zeppelin landing at Willow Run Airport in Michigan.

-- Jessica

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Over My Neighborhood

Saw the airship cruising over my house in the Sheraden neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.

-- Karen

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pittsburgh International Airport

My 2nd sighting of the airship today at the Pittsburgh International Airport on my way back from lunch this afternoon. (I could have taken a much better photo when I first saw it on my way to work this morning, but was running a little late.)

-- Nancy Taylor

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Over NE Philly Airport

Flying over my house across the street from the Northeast Philadelphia Airport while it was in Philadelphia!

-- Regina Leese

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winnie, Texas

I am a Farmers Agent so several of my customers called me and told me that the Farmers Blimp (I told them is was a Zeppelin) was flying over Winnie. I grew up in Houston Texas and saw the Goodyear blimp growing up. I never thought I would see an airship flying over Winnie and Hamshire Texas. It was very exciting to have a Zeppelin flying over my office and home. It was much more special that is was our very own Farmers air ship! I was pretty popular in town after that day. It was an overcast day on April 20th 2011 but you could see the airship very well. I took these pics from my back yard.

Blairsville, PA

My co-workers and I watched as the airship flew over Blairsville PA heading west towards Pittsburgh above the I22NS coal tipple right along Rt22 on Saturday morning. Very interesting to see.

-- Ron Syphrit

Floating Over Our Home, Portage, PA

We saw the ship floating right over our house 389 Plane Road Portage, PA. It was so very close. The kids had a great time watching it.

-- The Lamars

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hiking in Lorimer Park, PA

We were hiking in Lorimer Park, Montgomery County, PA on Wednesday, June 15th when we looked up and spotted it flying over Philadelphia around 1pm. It was very exciting to see it.

-- Joan Aichele

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camden, New Jersey

While attending an outdoor all day concert in Camden New Jersey on Saturday, June 4, 2011, we spotted the Farmers airship coursing back and forth across the sky.

-- Sheila Saxton


I saw the airship while walking my daily 10,000 steps in the Palmyra/Hershey area in the late afternoon on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. It was heading towards the HersheyPark area!

-- Sharon Lynch

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Over Camp Mack

I was driving home from work in Lebanon, PA and I saw the airship. I was able to watch it until it passed over Camp Mack and i went past it's path

-- Dawn Allwein

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crossing the Delaware River

I saw the Farmers Airship on Saturday afternoon while driving across the Betsy Ross Bridge from New Jersey into Philadelphia. The Airship was flying majestically over the Delaware River.

-- Harry Eastburn

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Riversharks Game at Sunset

Flew over a Camden Riversharks game near the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia Friday June 3 2011 at sunset. Beautiful!

-- Chris Stanley

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Statue of Liberty

Flying over the Statue of Liberty June 6, 2011.

-- Jay Fine

Purification Day

Philadelphia North East Airport 700pm 06/07/2011 Moored and getting helium purification... View from Academy road.. Photo by Dan Traynor ...she is one beautiful ship!


The airship is taking its breaks between outings at our local airport. Nice to see at the end of our field. Can't wait to see it fly!

-- Janek Kazimer

Monday, June 6, 2011

Crossing the Delaware River

I was standing outside this morning when I saw the airship coming from Pennsylvania across the Delaware River toward Trenton, NJ. I watched as it passed over the Department of Labor building. It was quite impressive. I have never seen this airship before and I noticed that the underside had a message on it stating that it was available to ride. So, I went to the website and learned that rides are available. I have always wanted to ride in an airship and now I am definitely going to book a flight.

-- John

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moored in Philadelphia

Academy road ran along the fence and provided a good view of the Eureka while moored. What struck me about the NT as opposed to other blimps I've seen was how "solid" it seemed while on the ground; not "flimsy" at all. A platform was hoisted below an engine and a tech climbed a rope ladder to service it. Its quite an impressive vehicle. Of course I did have to put up with the passing jogger who yelled, "Remember the Hindenburg!"

-- Bob in West Chester, PA

Friday, June 3, 2011

Watering the Garden

I was out watering our garden and saw the airship fly by today 6/3/11. We live in Dover DE. It was awesome!! :)

-- Elizabeth Campbell

ILC Dover

Hi there. I work for ILC Dover, the company who built the airship's envelop. I looked up this evening and saw the zeppelin flying near my home. It was very cool to see knowing I've worked on the airship.

-- Jason Leonovich

Denton, Maryland

My husband and I were riding down Rt. 404 in Denton, MD, and passed right below it. That's how I found your page through the advertisement on the side of the ship.

-- Dawn Layton