Saturday, October 18, 2008

At the airport

"The story had been big from the Southeast Texas media we had the special visitor of an airship to our port, but I did not realize it would be landing at the airport by my house! On my way home from Beaumont after lunch, I saw the beautiful ship floating overhead off of Highway 69, above Nederland, and I just had to see it up closer.

It made several circles and we followed it to the parking lot at Nederland High School and it passed directly overhead - what a sight! The ship is enormous! By then, it was traveling toward the airport, right over the freeway, and was making quite a stir, as car after car pulled off or exited to the airport to get a glimpse.

We followed it to near the field where it touched down, accompanied by many onlookers, as well as some of the Zeppelin team in red shirts, and I proceeded to quickly take some great pictures while the light was good, it having been cloudy/rainy. It's amazing the engineering that goes into building these ships and it is great they are being made again - I would love to ride it next time I get out to the SF area.

Good luck to the Airship and its team on the rest of your long flight!!"

Greta Brannan

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