Monday, November 10, 2008

I know what to ask for for Christmas (Stanford Sighting)

Sighted over Stanford. How cool is this? I was surprised by how maneuverable it is. I've been reading about Zepplins since I was a little kid, and thought I'd never live to see one fly, let alone from my dorm window at Stanford. I know what to ask for for Christmas. Nice to see that we are getting aerial tourists in addition to the Japanese who arrive by bus in droves and film us while we are in class. Seen here with the famous-ish Hoover Tower.

-- Derek Scott

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YY said...

Cool, Derek...

Whose Zepellin is that? Let me know and I shall get you one for XMAS. Or rather, perhaps Santa will bring you one. First though, we will have to get landing and take off rights and privileges from your school. And you will need a crew. Of course, I expect to be one of your first passengers. And it better not catch on fire.

That will most certainly give the droves of Japanese tourists in busloads something to take pictures of....

Your progenitor of the female persuasion..Have fun this afternoon : )