Friday, August 21, 2009

We were In a 66 Austin Healey Convertible, so shot some overheads

I attended the Monterey Historics Races at Laguna Seca Raceway on August 15th. We were in a 66 Austin Healey Convertible, so shot some overheads. We couldn't figure out the logo at first - I mentioned to my friend that you could rent the airship for private flights. he wanted to know how many pax it could hold and I told him I wasn't sure. He thought for a moment and came back with "24! 23 and me." Wasn't until later it was all about DNA.

I was trying for a period Zeppelin shot over the racing Porsche but the ship was too far away.

-- Doug Wilder

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Brian Hall said...

Hi Doug -- thanks for the great shots!

We were enjoying the cars/races from the air as much as you were from the ground. I just posted a video at our regular blog last night --

The airship carries up to 12 passengers, in addition to pilot and flight attendant for a total of 14 people on board. For charters, we usually do food & bev (wine, cheese, crackers). For our coastal transit flights we do lunch and dinner on board. It is a blast.

Upcoming cool stuff: Our first cruise down to the boardwalk of Santa Cruz is tomorrow (Saturday), we are doing a demonstration for Napa airport next Thursday, and on the 2nd we do the "ultimate drive down the coast" transiting from Mountain View to Long Beach, then staying down in SoCal over Labor Day returning the 9th.