Friday, June 5, 2009

A 2nd Ship?

I've read in OC REGISTER through the Airship Times at Zimbio that there is an interest of AV in purchasing a second ship for which it seeks a name. Is there a contest related to that?

-- Komaniotis Tryfon

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Brian Hall said...

The OC Register has a contest (see the links I added to the post above), but it is not endorsed or sponsored by or related to Airship Ventures.

When we brought the ship from Germany to California, we had our own naming contest, where the goal was to guess what name we had given our first ship ("Eureka!"), which was revealed in a celebration at Moffett Field marking the 75th anniversary of that iconic airship base, and the return of Zeppelins to California and the US.

We do plan to grow the fleet over time, and LA has been a wonderful host to us. We can't wait to come back!

Our return trip is scheduled for July 1-8, covering the July 4 weekend holiday.