Friday, March 13, 2009

A pilots "dos-si-do with the airship"

It was probably 2 months ago, I was flying back from South County airport (I am a student pilot and I was flying a solo cross-country as part of my training). I was talking to the Moffett tower controller who gave me very clear instructions, twice, to stay well west of the field as the airship was coming in to land. I acknowledged I would do so. When I switched to the Palo Alto tower, that controller told me to "make straight in" which would have resulted in me turning directly in front of the airship. I replied I couldn't do that because of the airship, so he told me, "when able, make straight in" which I interpreted as fly past the airship, then make the necessary turn. The result was what a pilot friend called "a dos-si-do with the airship." Unfortunately I was alone and couldn't get any pictures, but as we turned around each other I had a beautiful view!

-- Brittany Sabol

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