Thursday, August 4, 2011

Port Washington, Wisconsin

Right outside the office window along Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wisconsin at 12:18 PM CST!! Beautiful day for a ride in the Airship!!

-- Mike Anderson

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oshkosh all Week!

It wasn't too hard to miss as it was in Oshkosh all week! Was fun to see it floating over the city and the demo flight for the flightline crowd on Saturday was darned FRIGHTENING! But safe, I'm sure.

-- Katie Kintner

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunset at AirVenture

As I was walking around on my last night at Airventure 2011, I saw you coming in to land. From my angle, you went right by the American flag. The picture isn't great but the memories are fantastic.

also posted at

-- Mike Miley

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ship after the Storm

I stumbled upon the ship during a walk from the fly-in parking following a thunderstorm at EAA Airventure 2011 in Oshkosh, WI – a beautiful sight!

-- Dylan Whitmore

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over my house AirVenture Oshkosh

Over the top of my house every 45 min.'s at the 2011 AirVenture Oshkosh EAA WI .... 7/26/2011

-- Fred Schubert

Friday, July 22, 2011

Surprised When Mowing

I was mowing the yard, couldn't believe what I was seeing, ran in the house for the camera. It was great. I live at Northfield, Wi right along !-94.

-- Robert Gabriel

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I saw the blimp out my back window. I have seen it 5 times and I like to see it! I would love to take a ride in it one day!

-- Makayla Gedrose

I thought I was in an episode of "Fringe!"

My husband and I were in southern Minnesota over the weekend. Right we were just south of Shakopee (where we live) we saw the airship. The first thing I thought was that I was in an episode of Fringe and was on the other side. Haha.

-- Liza Hall

Shakopee, MN

I was stepping from my car the other day and heard an "engine prop" noise. I looked up and there was the Airship.....Shakopee, MN

-- Jay Jacques

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wakesurfing on the Lake

Some friends and I were wakesurfing behind my yellow and white boat on Spring Lake just south of Prior Lake, MN on 7/18/11. There were only a couple of other boats on the water. The airship passed over several times pretty low and was tracking with us. I'm sure they got some awesome shots if they were filming. I'd love to see the footage sometime, if they got any. Thanks!

-- Adam Annis
I saw the blimp out my back window. I have seen it 5 times and I like to see it! I would love to take a ride in it one day!

-- Makayla Gedrose

Eden Prairie, MN

A few more pictures from Eden Prairie, Mn.

Some one left the door open on the Zeppelin, local traffic passing by, and field entrance.

-- John Kelley

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eureka at Air Expo

I got to see the airship Eureka yesterday at the Air Expo! It was flying in and out all day, and I waved to it every time.

(I also have a really good video of the airship flying overhead,

-- Denver Bear

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Savage, MN

Saw her over savage, mn, approximately 3:50pm, 7-16-11. BEAUTIFUL SIGHT TO SEE!! thank you!

-- Bitsy Coulston

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fall River, Wisconsin

I saw the Eureka from about 10 miles away. I was driving towards it and got excited because it was going to fly over my home town. I called home and made sure my mom and kids would run out to get a look. When I got to town(Fall River, Wisconsin) it flew right over me. It's an awesome ship.

-- Mark Mickelson

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soccer Practice, Rosemount, MN

Soccer practice on Monday night in Rosemount, MN. My son's 10 year old team was so excited to see the ship! What a thrill for them.

-- Meghan Fugitt

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Franlo Park

July 12, 2011 around 7pm We saw the airship at Franlo Park right before it landed at Flying Cloud airport in Eden Prairie, MN

We have been tracking the ship and my son is so excited to see the airship up close this weekend at the airshow.

-- Lori Buchman

After Shopping Supertarget

After shopping at Supertarget in Chaska (near Hazeltine National Golf Course)...I saw the ship in the east/northeast sky. Thought it was very cool. It was just before noon on July 13th.

-- Guy Drees

Twin Cities

Have seen it in the skies of the twin cities. Made me smile!


No camera tho, I was driving... Hopefully I can see it again...

-- Chelle Tombaga

Hopkins/Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

I saw the Farmers Airship this morning taking my husband to work. It was over Hopkins/Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. (I apologize for the quality of the photo I took it with my cell phone's camera).

-- Lori Fugate

Shakopee, MN

We saw the Zeppelin this morning in Shakopee, MN around 11 AM. My son was playing soccer at the Community Center when we saw it. The kids thought it was very cool and it attracted lots of attention. I didn't think to snap a photo of it.

-- Sarah Larsen

The view from my office window today

The view from my office window today!

-- Cody Terrell

Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN

My coworker knows that I love airships and while she was out for lunch she called me to run out of the office and watch it fly over Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN. We had all read about it in the newspaper that morning and I had the article in my hand. It was too far away to get a good pic but I was able to go to the website and I signed up online for a standby flight.

-- Tom Iverson

So friendly looking!

It is beautiful! And so friendly looking! I just saw it while driving on 494 in Eden Prairie.

-- Jessica

Flew Over My House

It just flew over my house in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

-- Chris Rose

Practically flew right over me!

Practically flew right over me in Minneapolis.

-- Dale Oestreich

Hovering over the City

It was hovering over the City of Minneapolis this morning, was amazing to see it with the skyline beneath it. Very cool!!!

-- Michelle Kainz

6th Floor, Excelsior Blvd

I took this photo from the 6th floor of an office building on Excelsior Blvd and Hwy 169 in Hopkins at about 9:30 am, on July 13.

-- Jody Lane

We Are Farmers!

"we are farmers, dun da dun dun dun da da"

I saw this out of my work window just south of downtown.

-- Ryan Sexe

Passing my Office, Eden Prairie

Just saw the Ship flying over my office in Eden Prairie MN. Caused quite a bit of excitement among my coworkers!

- Andrew Balazs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saw you craft on final approach to Flying Cloud airport in Eden Prairie Tuesday July 12th about 6:45 pm. Beautiful aircraft with Farmers logo displayed on it's side.

-- John Kelley

Eureka at Moonrise

Got this with the moon in the background. Was shot 7/12/2011 in Eden Prairie, MN.

-- Jay Urbanski

Eden Praire, MN

At Flying Cloud Airpot in Eden Praire, MN

-- James Goldenstein

Flying Cloud Airport

I went out to see the Eureka arrive at Flying Cloud Airport in Minnesota! I had to race around the airport to get the best views, and its a very grand airship. I suspect that my friend may have been flying out at the airport today, I'll be very envious if he got to see it arrive from the air. I hope to see more of the Eureka this weekend at the MN Air Expo!

-- Denver Bear

Rosemount Minnesota

We saw the airship fly over Rosemount Minnesota tonight during soccer practice. All of the kindergarten/1st grade boys stopped playing and just stared at the sky. My daughter started singing "we are farmers, bum, bumpa, bummpam..." So funny!

- Rachel Henely

Farmington MN

We were on a bike ride and saw it east of Farmington MN. Hopefully it goes in circles and goes over us. Didnt get to see it very well.

-- Scott Payne

Sparta, Wisconsin

We tracked it from the time it left Milwaukee and came across the Airship just before it crossed I90 by Sparta Wisconsin.

-- Steve Snyder

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Michigan Shore

Going south down the Lake Michigan shore; sighted over North Shore Condos at North Beach, South Haven, Michigan.

-- Patrice Hess

Seen From Milwaukee Airport Restaurant

This beauty is awesome. We saw it on the ground yesterday morning here in Milwaukee, (we eat breakfast Saturdays at the restaraunt right on the edge of the airport) and didn't know what we were looking at! I'd seen the blimps before many times, but didn't realize this was a rigid frame ship. Went back this morning early to get the attached pictures. Beautiful, I wish I had found out in time to make arrangements for a tour.

-- Don Dellmann

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I saw airship Eureka at 12:15 this afternoon, floating above the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I can only imagine what it must have been like during the golden age of airships in the 1920s and 1930s, when airship sightings were more common.

-- Abbey Manalli

2nd & Michigan

I saw it float by...2nd & Michigan in Milwaukee. Awesome!

-- Cheryl Madden

From USB Building

We see a lot of interesting things out our window from the 30th floor of the USB building downtown Milwaukee, WI, but today we saw the Farmers Ins. Blimp! Quite a surprise so I googled it and came up with this website! Was wondering if it is here for Summerfest (our 11 day lakefront music festival) or had another purpose? Great to see you (it) in our skies!! Safe travel!

-- Beth Hilton

Island Lake, IL

Around 11 p.m. CDT on July 6, 2011, we were outside with the dog and saw an enormous sight slowly flying overhead. When researched it appears that the Zeppelin Airship is what was flying over head. Also the tracking system you have on your website confirms that it was flying over Island Lake, IL at the time my son and I saw it.

-- Patsy Daniels

Over Milwaukee

Here is the Zeppelin flying above Milwaukee looking east towards Lake Michigan on July 7th 2011 (10am)

-- Peter Gurneau

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

25 Feet Overhead

25 feet above me taking off by St.Charles, IL. Loved seeing the airship in the air!

-- Don Davis

Monday, July 4, 2011

DuPage County Control Tower

While capturing some video of the Farmers Insurance Airship, I noticed a long-distance juxtaposition with the Dupage County Control Tower.

-- Bill Meier

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Over my Trike Motorcycle

On the morning of July 3rd, 2011 as I was getting ready to go riding on my trike motorcycle I heard this strange noise. I looked up and there above my house was the Farmers Insurance Zepplin flying by a couple of hundred feet above me!! Wished I'd had my camera out !! It was really awesome !! I'd never seen an airship from that perspective before !!! WOW !!
This was in South Elgin, IL. Amazing !!!

-- Capt. Dan

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Elgin, IL

It just flew over our neighborhood in Elgin, IL after taking off from the DuPage Airport. It's really cool (and big)!

-- Audrey

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hawthorn Woods, IL

I was surprised to see this giant blimp on a beautiful day over Hawthorn Woods, IL on my way home today. Turns out it's actually a zeppelin crisscrossing Chicago.

-- C. Cantano

Over Farmers Grand Rapids

Flying over our Farmers Insurance Grand Rapids MI office.

-- Shane henry

South of Holland on Lake Michigan

I live 15 miles south of Holland on Lake Michigan. I was working in the yard when I heard the ship approaching from the North. This was a first for me to see a air ship over the lake. Thursday June 30th, 1:15PM

-- Mike Goloback

Out My Office Window

Looked out my office window and couldn't believe what I saw....

-- Marie Kugle

Awesome Experience

Muskegon, Michigan at the Muskegon Airport.

Not only did we get to see it fly in, we got to ride in it !! What an awesome experience we had.

-- Julie Galey

Welcome Back Any Time

On it's visit to Muskegon, MI. We were honored by the presence of the airship. We hope you had a great stop and welcome back anytime. We have had many calls to the office today from people who saw it and wanted us to know that they visit was appreciated as one of the most exciting things they had ever seen!

-- Thomas Welch

Over Veits Landing on Spring Lake

The airship flies over Veits Landing on Spring Lake in Ferrysburg, Mich. It was flying out of the Muskegon County Airport south along the Lake Michigan shoreline to Grand Haven, circling around Spring Lake and Ferrysburg before heading back up north.

-- Becky Vargo

Flyover of Farmers Grand Rapids

A few photos of the airship from its flyover of the Farmers Grand Rapids location. Impressive!

-- Darlene Malone

Over Lake Michigan

6-29-11 Farmers Airship out over Lake Michigan. Muskegon Michigan

-- Ken Firlik